DigiByte: a Better Version of Bitcoin and Ethereum?

Bitcoin and Ethereum are the clear market leaders today, but the competition is stiff, with developers working on various alternatives to better the existing top cryptocurrencies. However, most of these alternatives have fallen short of user expectations in terms of scalability, security, regulatory policies and compliances, customer support, features, etc. However, there’s one specific cryptocurrency that has openly argued that Bitcoin and Ethereum aren’t safe or scalable enough and that this currency is better — DigiByte.

DigiByte isn’t just another crypto coin, it’s an entire three-layer blockchain network on which its coin — the DGB coin, is built.

DigiByte — Origin and Characteristics

Jared Tate founded the DigiByte project in 2013 and subsequently released it in 2014. The code is loosely based on Bitcoin’s code, but from DigiByte blockchain size to security and other features, many aspects are different.

Just like Ethereum, DigiByte was created to suppress the disadvantages of Bitcoin. The network has three layers in all and is said to be highly decentralized. The plan is to create an entire decentralized app and tokens that run on top of the network. The three layers have different functions and are interdependent.

Read more about DigiByte: Three interdependent layers and their functions.

Faster, Safer, and Better, but How?

Similar to BTC, DigiByte also works on a PoW (Proof-of-Work) mechanism where computers are used to secure and validate transactions and mine new DigiByte coins. However, the biggest advantage of DGB is that users can use consumer-grade computers that we normally use, unlike with Bitcoin where high-end, specialized systems are mandatory.

These are just a few general aspects, the specifics of the DGB coin will leave you wondering why you didn’t come across this token earlier.

Read more about DigiByte: Stand-out features, security and efficiency.

Why is Swapzone the best place to exchange DGB?

If you’re like most people, you might want to shift from BTC to DGB now that you’re aware of facts. Chances are, you already own Bitcoin, and need to look for a secure, reliable Bitcoin to DigiByte exchange. Swapzone is a world-class, non-custodial exchange aggregator that makes crypto-to-crypto trading smooth and secure.

Final Word

When you hear about DigiByte, you wonder how, despite all that is offered, it still lags behind the likes of Ethereum and Bitcoin. The answer is simple — reputation preceded the performance. There is no doubt the technology, security, and everything in between make DigiByte a world-class cryptocurrency, perhaps even the best in the world. The time, therefore, is now — invest while people are still getting to know the platform, for once they do, the DGB rate may catapult by a significant margin.




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