Diversify your crypto portfolio: there’s more than just BTC

2 min readJul 23, 2021


Crypto space is flooded with currencies and seems like each day new ones enter the market. However, many “oldschool hodlers”, as they dub themselves, still keep Bitcoin only in their minds and wallets. This may create an impression that the crypto market is monopolized by BTC, especially, to those who are only making their first steps in crypto. Though, this is not quite true and nowadays there lots of ways to diversify your crypto portfolio. For instance, you can exchange BTC to XMR, BTC to MATIC or BTC to ADA. Let’s look at each of these pairs and see what are the use cases of these altcoins!

  1. Bitcoin to Monero

Without a doubt, Monero has a strong market position. Especially, when it comes to discussing privacy coins. Hence, this pairing is an option to opt for if you’re concerned about privacy in the crypto space. With Monero in your wallet, you could make untraceable and anonymous transactions. Moreover, just to list a few, XMR advantages include fungibility and decentralization.

  1. Bitcoin to MATIC

MATIC, also known as Polygon, is a token that has received a huge expansion in its use cases recently. This happened due to the rebranding of Matic to Polygon. Nowadays, the use cases of the token are the following: governance, paying gas fees, improving security on the Polygon network. For instance, the currency has fans among influential voices in the crypto space: Mark Cuban believes the altcoin has many brilliant applications as he calls them.

  1. Bitcoin to Cardano

ADA is yet another native token but in this case, it belongs to the Cardano blockchain. The currency has numerous real-life applications: from the usual platform governance and stake pool operation to implementations in retail, healthcare and insurance. There’s even a use case for Cardano in agriculture: production tracking. As you can see, it is quite a multifaceted crypto and it will surely make your portfolio more heterogeneous.

Now that you’ve gained knowledge about different cryptos worth having in your portfolio, you ought to face the question of how and where to get these currencies. As these are pretty mastodon and popular altcoins, there’re hardly any exchanges that wouldn’t have them listed. This is what makes it difficult to find the best offer and exchange rate to get the best deal out of myriads. Here’s where a crypto exchange aggregator would be really helpful.

Swapzone is a crypto exchange aggregator that will provide you with the best rates automatically as soon as you select the exchange pair. On Swapzone, you can get XMR, MATIC, ADA and 500+ other crypto assets in a matter of an eye blink for the most profitable to you price.

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