Crypto Making Difference: 4 Tokens Involved In The Charitable Activities

Crypto Making Difference: 4 Tokens Involved In The Charitable Activities

A new world’s means of payment, an investment vehicle, an enormous community and a market worth around : this is cryptocurrency today. Arising it shuffled the world’s economy — nowadays it’s one main part of it.

As crypto is everyday closer to the mass adoption, it’s time to consider how it may additionally help outside driving the web3 economy and creating monetary profit. Cryptocurrency provides us with extra liberty and gives crypto projects massive opportunities to make difference with the immense forces of their communities. Let us meet and praise the projects taking advantage of their resources to make the world a better place raising funds, donating and supporting charity activities and organisations.

Not Just A Meme: Crypto Dogs Helping Save The Real Ones

Humorous characteristics and an internet joke in the core — that what you could think of the mene coins before, but in several years some of these projects became valuable market participants with major turnover and noble missions. The “doggo” coins are ones being most in the public eye and fortunately use their power to change things for the better for our smaller brethren.

Supporting ASPCA National Animal Relocation Program

In May 2022 BabyDoge Community achieved a huge milestone — the to its new home within and BabyDoge sponsorship was an issue to make it happen. Following its mission the memecoin became the first ASPCA brand partner financing its activities.

Beyond that, the community has already donated at the very least $750,000 in the purpose of saving dogs by sponsoring diverse dog shelters and animal organizations, such as , , and others.

’s Long-term Donation Partnerships

The Pitbull token team claims its pursuit to be a support for veterinary clinics and animal shelters, and it’s not just simple endorsements. In November 2021 the Pit community a team up with Voorhees Animal Orphanage (VAO), taking initiative in raising money for animal help. Today, according to the token’s official website, the memecoin is funding such organisations as , and . As every member of the community can donate directly through the in their $PIT tokens the charity activity is smooth and regular, making Pitbull one of the notable contributors to the philanthropic activities.

When “Feed Every Gorilla” is not just words: supporting The Pan African Sanctuary Alliance (PASA)

Not just taking the gorilla as a mascot, but driving the issue to another level — that’s the right way to describe the FEG ecosystem. The community joined the “army” of animal rescuers becoming an official sponsor of — every month it fits $750 in donations from the community. The Pan African Sanctuary Alliance — an alliance of wildlife centers in Africa united to protect African apes and monkeys — have rescued and rehabilitated thousands of primates, therefore naturally attracting the attention of the Feed Every Gorilla community. As Gregg Tully, Executive Director of PASA, : “The work to protect African primates is complex and costly, and it will take innovation to develop solutions that work for both communities and wildlife. That’s why FEG’s support means so much to us.”

Special Aimed Crypto: in the first place

Making crypto charity easy, transparent and safe — that’s what obviously would make it more common for the participants of the cryptocurrency community to donate regularly. As some crypto projects are making their contribution by helping some or many non-profits, others are originally created for one and only aim — to help and service the crypto philanthropy.

One particular example of such projects is AidCoin — a ERC20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain — and the AIDChain. Its mission is simple, yet honorable — to create an ecosystem of services that utilizes cryptocurrency as a simple way to improve transparency in nonprofits. As the project for itself — its “The token for the new era of giving”. Also, the ecosystem includes the AIDPay — a widget that allows charities to receive donations directly on their website.

Not only the projects serves the donation purposes but also arranges various charitable activities, including .

Closing thoughts

It is said “the more you give — the more you gain”, and that is promising that crypto projects — the ones driving the world’s economy to the new era — are also making efforts and spending resources for some good causes. If we say that the cryptocurrency market is the one building the future, let’s hope for more protocols to involve into making the world a better place not only in the financial field but also in the spheres that need our concern.

How Can You Donate Crypto?

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